The Faerie's Fate book releases

I have announced the book releases on my social network (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) and maybe you're reading this because you're interested in this book!
I don't have a date, I'm working in some details of the book so I can promise a day but I think it'll be next week between 24 to 29 of January.
The Faerie's Fate will be available in ebook on Amazon and later in paperback on Amazon.
I hope you'll give an opportunity to this book, to Cenystel and the faeries from Adarathiel. This was my first book and I hope you enjoy it.

Adarathiel, the faerie kingdom, has always been governed by a balance of powers according to the mandate of the goddess Lunalasathia. A natural harmony between the Moon King and the Lord Guardian Protector of the forest, also known as the Dragonfly due to their extraordinary wings, both chosen by the goddess. Both possessing the goddess' gifts and sworn to protect the realm's inhabitants.
With the arrival of the Dark Era, precipitated by the fall of Merlin, the chosen two vanished, leaving Adarathiel to sink into chaos and hopelessness. Time carried on until nature followed its course and the birth of the new Dragonfly was foretold.

In response, the Morganians worked to break the sacred and largely forgotten laws, committing unimaginable crimes and playing god.
Abigail Griffiths will find herself caught up in a conspiracy decades in the making, completely upending her life with both friends and enemies fearing her power and envying her for her wings and magic because she is the faeries' last hope.

The weight of restoring balance in Adarathiel rests on her shoulders.

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